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Hi, i am a software developer with experience in various technologies and programming languages. I love Automation, Algorithms, Unix Administration, Deep Learning and AI research, Robotics, Big Data Analysis, Web Development, User eXperience, and all kind of tech stuff…

Hello world!

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog!

With examples as “Hello World” starts learning every computer language, this is why i decided to leave it as title of this first post.

I created this site because i needed place to write down interesting stuff, new and old conceptions in the tech. I personally learn faster when wrote and draw diagrams, and i’ll use this blog post exactly for that, but everyone’s invited to read and comment if is interested.

The blog posts are about sharing the learning process and test different thing, not to share my opinion. I learn new things every day and that feels me normal. My only request is that everybody stay respectful, we all had to start somewhere.

Thank you for joining me here.


January 26, 2018 by Grigor Georgiev